Our Commitment to Sustainability | Webco Industries, Inc.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

The operator of seven facilities in the greater Tulsa, Oklahoma, area, Webco Industries quietly goes beyond compliance to minimize the environmental impact of its manufacturing activities. In-house experts have set objectives and targets for reducing Webco’s impact on its immediate surroundings, which are home to local business partners and company employees. The longtime community member meets its goals by decreasing water and energy consumption, wherever practical, and by reducing the quantity and nature of the manufacturing waste that it generates.

Webco accomplishes its sustainability objectives by:

1. Reusing water in subsequent processes
2. Investing in infrastructure to minimize and/or eliminate the generation of waste
3. Eliminating the use of toxic solvents
4. Recycling paper
5. Substituting reusable absorbent materials for disposable absorbents
6. Reusing scrap metal
7. Optimizing chemical processes to reduce the quantity of raw material use

Our World Stewardship
Webco’s commitment to the worlds that it serves starts at home in Sand Springs, Oklahoma, and extends to customers on five continents. Stewardship means taking care of important business like adhering to a code of ethics that ensures a sustainable business model which provides wages for over 1,000 employees, their families, and flows into surrounding communities. Webco takes its role as a member of that community seriously, committing human resources and capital to programs that reduce its energy consumption footprint and minimize its impact on the environment. Finally, our commitment to the workplace and programs that make it safe for employees and visitors is a model admired in the industry and a program that helps ensure that the company operates efficiently and serves its customers without interruption.

Our Commitment To The Community
Commitment can be a hollow word unless it is backed up by a history of following through on promises. Webco has been fully committed to its customers, suppliers, employees, and community since its founder Bill Weber opened the Southwest Tube facility in 1969. The company has reinforced its commitments by continuously investing in new facilities and equipment for more than 40 years. Today we continue to follow through and delight our customers and community with Greenfield plants that allow us to supply high quality products and meet very demanding timetables. We will continue to become a company that is stronger for its employees and community and more agile and innovative for its customers and suppliers. That is our long-term commitment to you and to ourselves.