Power-Gen | Webco Industries, Inc.

Power-Gen Tubing Solutions

Webco’s corrosion- and erosion-resistant tubing endures in Power-Gen plant applications. We offer a variety of material solutions, from copper and nickel alloys to stainless steel and titanium tubulars, manufactured to applicable ASTM standards.


Webco provides tubing for moisture separator reheaters (MSRs) for nuclear applications. Webco’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities produce developed lengths up to 100 feet, finned (27 fins/inch) and u-bent tubes.

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Webco’s long-length capability and strategically located quick-ship facilities make it a go-to source for Heat Recovery Steam Generation (HRSG) tubing. Customers from cogeneration to combined cycle plants rely on Webco to meet a wide range of specifications.

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Webco supplies tubing for challenging geothermal well applications, where high heat sources are accessed to create steam and generate electricity. These wells can possess many corrosive elements downhole and are subject to scale build-up, which can plug the well if not treated with corrosion and scale inhibitors.

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