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Alloy / Grade

Webco offers its customers one of the widest ranging alloy selections in the industry. Carbon steel, stainless and speciality steels, nickel alloys, and titanium are all available mill-direct, tailored to exacting customer specifications.

Carbon Tubing

Webco manufacturers and/or stocks North America's widest range of welded and seamless carbon steel tube products for customers in a variety of industries. Tubing is available in a many grades and sizes, standard or adhering to your specifications (including tight tolerances and other unique requirements).

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Nickel Alloys

Webco has extensive experience manufacturing nickel alloy tubing for various applications.

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Specialty Alloys

Webco's specialty alloy tubing (Fe-, Ni-, Co-, and Cu-based) are used in a wide range of applications requiring critical tolerances, precise dimensional control and special metallurgical properties.

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Webco manufactures a wide range of seam-welded stainless steel tubing in a variety of corrosion-resistant alloys and in many sizes.

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Webco supplies welded and seamless titanium tubing in variety of sizes, standard/off-the-shelf or tailored to meet its customers’ unique requirements. Lightweight, high strength and corrosion resistant, titanium is the material of choice in industries ranging from chemical processing to power generation.

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