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Welding Technology

Webco produces tube and pipe products using advanced welding technology, including ERW, GTAW (both autogenous and filler wire addition), laser, and orbital welding. Webco's weld procedures are qualified and performed to industry codes and standards, in addition to the company's own stringent internal criteria.

Welding engineers and metallurgists, available to each manufacturing facility, help ensure that customer products are delivered on spec, as promised. One of the strongest technical teams in tubing regularly resolves some of industries' toughest welding challenges. When it comes adding value by leveraging advanced welded tube technology backed by unmatched expertise, restlessly innovative Webco is a star performer.

Types of Welding Technology: Carbon Division: Seam Welding ERW
Specialty Tube Division: Seam Welding Laser and GTAW; Orbital GTAW (autogenous and filler wire addition)